Mediumship Reading for One

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  • One on One person reading
  • 1 hour session

You might’ve seen some mediums working on TV shows where they get a feeling from Spirit and start to interpret that feeling into words and ask the person in front of them if any of it makes sense or is in any way relevant. It might be something they hear, see, feel, taste, smell or a combination of those. Sometimes it seems relevant and sometimes not, but the medium continues until they either move to another person (if there’s an audience or group) where it is relevant or start to bring in the information in a different way that does resonate.
This is basically how a mediumship reading works through me. It’s not always obvious at first who is making the connection from the spiritual realm, but I can assure you that if it’s someone who wants to connect with you, they will persist until we know who they are and were in this life, and their connection to you.

These sessions can be via Skype, face to face or telephone.
Simply purchase your session by clicking ‘Add to cart’ below, and I will contact you to organise your date and time.

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