Kind Words - Private Readings

Thank you to a beautiful lady…. a very accurate reading with details no one could have known, including specific names & messages. Also some predictions that have since happened. Overall a fantastic reading, very happy & I would highly recommend Ann-Joyce to anyone. Xx

Were do I start, I came in to your home and you were so welcoming, things you told me about my loved one were amazing! They were things no one would know, things I say to my children to help them understand their daddy’s passing. You told me word to word what I say, things he would say or we would do together, I am finding this time of year the hardest but thanks to you I have so much to hold on too and I know he is with my family. Ann-Joyce, thank you so much with all my heart, Kayla xoxox

Ann-Joyce just wanted to say THANKYOU so much for today. I feel so happy knowing that my Mum Is still around. You are such an incredible beautiful woman with an amazing gift.

Many thanks to Ann-Joyce for a fantastic reading & connection with my Mother. I have had many readings, but you are the best Ann. You have made such a wonderful difference in my life. My family & friends have noticed I am a lot happier since seeing you. Thank you & keep doing what you are doing. Many blessings to you wonderful lady. Thank you Ann for your amazing, heartfelt reading. You truly are gifted and I gained an enormous amount from our time together.. To know my nephew is OK and happy takes a huge weight of me.. And to speak to mum after so long was beautiful. Most of all you reinforced what I had felt for years and that is my gorgeous friend Andrew has never left me I would recommend you to everyone.. You’re wonderful.

I would like to thank Ann, your gift as a medium but also a a beautiful person has changed my life. The things that have come through from passed loved ones during readings with you have astounded me. i couldn’t recommend you enough for those wanting to connect with passed loved ones because of your honesty, integrity and compassion you show during the process. the compassion you show and the ability to help others heal especially when something comes through that may not have been what was expected. You’re an angel on this earth. Thank you from deep within my heart.

This lady is one of a kind. She is truly nothing short of amazing. I can’t stress enough at how truly gifted she is at what she does. She is so passionate about it, it beams through her. I seen Ann for the first time last year, I was scared and heartbroken as I just lost my hero – nana. I took my mum there with me as she was suffering more and we both walked out with tears down our faces as a sign of relief. We were so happy that we had found someone that actually isn’t a scammer and that loves doing what she does. The things that happened in that reading were spot on, everything that Ann-Joyce was saying was accurate. My life literally changed that day and it was all because of you, Ann- Joyce.! Never let anyone change you or bring you down because you are perfect just the way you are. I can’t speak highly enough for you, love you lots x

Last night my dad and I went to see Ann-Joyce and we had the most amazing experience. My dad was holding so much pain and emotions over the loss of his little brother and last night he got to let go of all that pain and sadness. Ann-Joyce you are truly wonderful we have been wanting to here from our loved ones for a long time just to know they are happy and ok And Ann-Joyce made this happen Thanks so much for your kindnesses, her meditation room is so inviting and lovely I recommend everyone see this fantastic lady She is a Diamond that helps you shine as bright as her Thanks again Ann-Joyce.

Ann-Joyce, You are a truly talented & amazing women! Words can’t even begin to explain my experience with you. You confirmed so much for me that I had been thinking about & had been questioning. I needed that confirmation & I didn’t have to speak a word!! I have to say I have never come across anyone that comes close to what you were able to touch on with me & that’s without knowing anything about me! I’m absolutely touched that you were able to connect with my Grandma & there was absolutely no questioning whether it was her or not what so ever. Not to mention the messages you were passing on from her – no one could’ve known this information. You’ve given me the strength, determination, & belief within myself to get too where I need to in life. I’m feeling very positive & at peace. I can’t thank you enough. You’re an inspiring & beautiful woman & you delivered messages with such integrity…….. Oh & my theme song, you told is mine, from Frozen “let it go” wow!! Lol I’ve never even paid any attention to it, but after listening to it & watching the clip, absolutely incredible & relevant & I must say it just makes me smile & chuckle!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ann, you’re so very gifted xoxo

These are the kind words that I have received from those who’s lives I have been blessed to enter. You are the most accurate person I have seen. You are such a genuinely beautiful person and it makes a huge difference in how you come across in a reading. I connect with you so easily. Ann tells you how it is, no metaphorical or confusing terns that leave you questioning what she meant. Extremely accurate that at times it’s creepy, Thanks Ann.
Emily P

Had a reading with the wonderful Ann yesterday. A lot of information came out, some of which I didn’t know, so asked Mum when I got home and it was correct. My dear Dad came through, although a bit cheeky at times, was lovely to get his take on things in my life. If you are thinking of seeing a Psychic Medium, make an appointment with Ann, you will not be sorry.
Kerry C

I had the pleasure of meeting Ann about a month ago at spiritual church. I got a amazing vide off Ann her nature and personality are beautiful. I have never meet her before that night and she said to me you are trying to have a baby aren’t you I was amazed she even made me cry in a good way and everything that came after that was like she had know me for years. If u want a amazing reading please talk to Ann you will not be disappointed she is truly amazing.
Naideen G

I can’t recommend Ann highly enough, after a few emotional days last week I had a reading done, and it was just amazing! Ann is such a caring, compassionate, loving lady and she has definitely helped me through a tough time! So if you want a reading done, definitely go and see Ann!
Leanne R

Ann is a beautiful open person to speak to and will help you with anything she can. I have been to Ann on several occasions seeking her advice as a medium and she is absolutely spot on and has helped me make quite a few life-changing decisions. She’s met with a lot of my family in the spirit world and she’s tells me things that they are saying that only I have known. Ann is just a wonderful soul. I would highly recommend her as a medium. Xx
Belinda W

Ann, the gift you have is amazing, I have witnessed this first hand. I have had a couple of readings with you and they have been spot on, you have helped me more than you will ever know! I am so grateful that you “connect’ with my son and give me messages from him. Your gift is amazing and I recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having a reading.
Susie P

I had a very emotional reading with Ann, she is not only a very loving, warm and caring person but her willingness to share her gift is truly inspiring. She connected with my loved ones who have passed on and I can rest now and know that they are at peace and happy. She was spot on with everything she said and I will be forever grateful to too her for the chance to reconnect with my grandparents and one of my closest friends.
Suzanne R

Ann, thank you so much for such an impactful reading today. You have such an amazing gift and already I feel a huge shift and a life off my shoulders. Highly recommend your private readings to EVERYONE!
Robyn L

Wow & wow I had a reading done today by the very talented special lady Ann Hancock. I walked away feeling so alive with emotions running high and blessed to know my loved ones are around my pa. If anyone wants a reading by a medium go and see Ann you will not be disappointed, you might feel unsure and nervous but the moment you meet Ann you will feel welcomed by her warmth. The room where the reading is done is such a beautiful place with lots of energy. I gave a guy CPR on a train over 15 years ago and died it was such a tragic circumstance and changed me emotionally since that day and guess what he came through and thanked me. Ann explained the situation his age & weight and was told it was a karmic moment…. Thank you Ann, words are not enough xx

I feel so unbelievably blessed to have met you, and experience your gift. Coming to you to hear what my loved ones had to say has truly given me a different outlook on life. It was hands down one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I just want to be back in Adelaide to do it again! You are such a beautiful person Ann, and everyone would be silly if they didn’t come see you! Thank you for all that you have done for me!

Hi Ann, after coming to you on Monday I feel like my life has changed! I got to speak to my dad and Nan, which is such an amazing feeling, and comforting! If anyone is looking for a medium you are defiantly the one to go to, and you were spot on with everything! I feel so much happier and better with life and myself!! Thank you once again for making all this happen!

Ann is an incredible medium who’s so kind & warm hearted. I had the pleasure of having a reading in which she was accurate & precise right down to the long socks my Scottish uncle wore with his kilt! Sadly I’d had the loss of a friend tragically & Ann was able to confirm details that where spot on! Even my old milkman made an appearance! Thank you so much Ann for a wonderfully entertaining reading xx
Kerry B

Words cannot describe how amazing you are and what you did today. You’re gift is something nobody can explain, but hearing from my daddy was just the most beautiful thing anyone can give me. I cannot thank you enough for today xx

Ann, I need to thank you for sharing your incredible gift. It felt like the 3 of us were sitting chatting so comfortably, and although I could only feel my daughter’s energy, you were able to connect me with her thoughts, words & laughter. I have missed that so much & it meant so much to know death has not changed our bond & the way we talked together. The specifics you were able to discuss blew my mind. Even down to the very song you said she wanted me to listen to, it was playing on the radio when I got in my car after leaving you. I knew music has been a connection with her, but it was so calming and therapeutic to receive validation of all the things that I’ve been experiencing since she passed. Thank you with all my heart for helping me to make sense of all this.