Kind Words - Group Readings

Tonight I had the very great pleasure of being in the presence of the amazing and talented Ann-Joyce at her 1st (of many) Events. In a beautiful room packed with avid Ann-Joyce followers all waiting to be spellbound we were not disappointed. Ann-Joyce has the ability to be loving, truthful, funny and so completely and utterly modest about her talents which are many. As you can tell I think she is the most beautiful, warm and awesome person I have had the pleasure to meet. Do not walk… to see and meet her you will love her and her medium ship abilities! So glad tonight went so well Ann Hancock you were perfect! Xx


Thanks so very much for the reading you did for my friends and me today. I am blown away by your accuracy. Thank you again.


Dear Ann, I just wanted to thank you so very much for today on behalf of the six of us.
This was the first time for most of us, and the second time with my sister and I. You were, as usual, absolutely amazing. Today was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and had all of us crying at just how beautiful it was. To see the weight lift off of my sisters shoulders after all these years, and to see her looking calm and younger, rather than worried, frowning and older… was just more than I can even put into words. You are a LOT more than just a medium Ann, you are absolutely beautiful, inside and out, and you care about each and every person you meet. I know you talk to our angels… but honestly… I really think you are one.

Kerry G

Thank you so much Ann, for the reading I was a part of today. You blew my mind…right down to the knowing something about my family, that I didn’t even know myself, until I got home and confirmed with my Mum. You truly are a beautiful soul. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you today. Everything happens for a reason.


Just wanted to say that I had my 1st experience of seeing you in action on Friday night & it was Amazing!!! Your clarity & insight is phenomenal & the peace, comfort & reassurance you were able to bring to a lot of good people was faith restoring!!!
Thank you for the peace & harmony you brought that night & I certainly hope that you’ll always go from strength to strength with your talent…
Thank you xxx


Another amazing night with Ann Hancock such an awesome lady you were amazing as usual Ann such a privilege to be a part of the evening, you should be so proud of what you are achieving.


Such a fun night with you again Ann, filled with lots of laughs and wonderful messages to people. You never fail to amaze me with your work and how accurate it always is. You’re truly incredible at what you do and the passionate literally beams out of you.
You’re one in a million with a heart of gold. Love you so much


Hi Ann-Joyce, you special, special, special, lady.
I don’t know what happened to me on 3rd Aug at your place, I cant put it into words, for me, I guess, it WAS like that scene from GHOST with Demi Moore, Whoopee Goldberg and Patrick Swayze.
I saw you on the Sunday, and since that day, I’m a different person….I am totally at peace knowing that Robert is healed, that my dad is happy and still helping people, and still looking after my Nan (his mother-in-law!!!) who made the best currant tarts ever….my heart is full of love again, my outlook on life is happy and positive, for the first time in years….What you did for me was seriously enlightening on so many levels. In my life, there has been so much sadness that it became a way of life for me…. so I felt I had nothing but negative energy and nothing good to look forward to…. and then I met you!! My dad moved heaven and earth for me so many times…and when he suddenly left this earthly plain…he took my confidence with him…. You have now changed my life Ann-Joyce. Seriously. You have an incredible gift, and I wish I could use bigger words to explain how I feel, but I don’t really know any…hahaha. Even my physiotherapist said “you look very pleased with yourself today!!??” and I was able to say….I’m happy and contented….and full of life again. This seems so inadequate Ann-Joyce, but I want to say thank you…. thank you for everything, for stopping the torture in my head…and giving me back my life. I will be forever thankful Ann-Joyce….. you are a very, very, very, special lady…
Love Sue.