Face to Face Readings


I offer face-to-face readings, phone readings and Skype readings (without video).

My clients really treasure the way I honour their loved one’s soul energy by the way I bring them through with their personality traits and by recounting things such as childhood memories that they shared. This is the loved one’s way of validating that life after death exists, as the client realises I couldn’t possibly have known this private information.

I am also a healing medium. People who come to me don’t just receive information – they can often have situations resolved or healed through their reading. For instance, there might be some unfinished business between them and the person here on the earth plane needs answers to have those issues resolved. The result is that they are brought peace so they can then let go of anything that was troubling them concerning the loved one’s passing.

Sometimes the souls who have passed over will offer advice but I stress that clients receiving the advice have to interpret it at their own discretion. If they wouldn’t take advice from their grandmother while she was still here, they shouldn’t necessarily take advice from her when she’s passed over.

Maybe you’re curious about having a mediumship reading but are not sure about just what a medium does and what to expect. Here’s some information which should help you feel reassured that it’s always a very respectful process and that there is nothing to fear from a reading with me. All my clients feel a comfort from the connections I make with their passed over loved ones.


Disclaimer: For entertainment and informational purposes only. Ann-Joyce Hancock does not take responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for decisions her clients make based on her mediumship readings. Your decisions remain your responsibility. If you have a medical problem, please see a medical professional. If you have a financial issue, please see a financial professional.


A medium is someone who has psychic abilities through the so-called ‘sixth sense’ to connect with people who have passed away on this physical plane but who can communicate from the spiritual plane. The medium channels messages from the passed over souls and communicates those messages to someone else.
I have psychic abilities but prefer not to use the word ‘psychic’ to describe myself as that can set up unrealistic expectations from clients for me to ‘tell the future’ for them. I might indeed receive insights from passed over souls that can inspire a client to make decisions about their future but I mainly focus on a person’s life in the present and giving insights into that. If their passed over loved one wishes to pass on a message to them regarding the future, I will of course pass that on, so in this sense a mediumship reading can often help someone with their life direction. (Please note – you are responsible for all of your decisions following a reading.)