There’s a lot of history behind these walls….

BRISBANE’S Franklin Villa will host the next exciting installment of the Events With Spirit evenings on Saturday 18 July 2015.

The grand old home is situated in the leafy suburb of Highgate Hill.
Construction of Franklin Villa began in 1891 and took two years to complete.
Former owner Ellen Grenier built the house as up market rental accommodation and she named it Franklin Villa in honour of her deceased husband.

As well, in those early days, the house contained a Ballroom, and it was common practice for Balls and official Government functions and soirees to be regularly held there.

Back to the present and Franklin Villa is now owned by Bernadette and her husband. When the couple took ownership the historic home had been divided into a bunch of flats that were being rented out. So the pair worked hard to restore her to her former glory. It’s been a lengthy process but the end result is spectacular – from the pool room, to the bar and the large deck complete with views to the city.

So join us for a cocktail party followed by a paranormal investigation this July. Meet the Paranormal Project team, and join them as they walk the corridors and look in on each room to see if they can find evidence of ghostly inhabitants. You become the investigator, with the team showing you how to use all of their high tech equipment including super sensitive headphones that allow you to hear even the slightest whisper.

Paranormal Project psychics Lynne Heuermann and Michelle Price will be joined by special guest psychic from Adelaide the truly gifted, Ann Hancock. Together they will use their spiritual gifts to locate and communicate with any spirits who may be present on the night at Franklin Villa.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a rare insight into the spirit world from a team of experts – you never know what you’ll find.


★WHEN: Saturday 18 July 2015

★TIME: from 4.30pm to midnight

★WHERE: Franklin Villa,
35 Brighton Road, Highgate Hill, 4101, QLD

★COST: $140pp
includes cocktail party and inv estigation no accommodation

★TICKETS: Book Online by 8 July 2015
Click on the below link to book online –

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-Canapés and Hot Fork Dishes
-Non Alcoholic drinks during the cocktail party
-Question & Answer time over with psychics and paranormal investigators
-Step by step guide on how to use paranormal investigation equipment
-Take part in a paranormal investigation from 7pm to 12midnight
-You will receive a copy of the Investigation findings via our closed group facebook page
-No alcoholic beverages will be served on the night
-Non alcoholic drinks will be available for cash on the night after the main cocktail party has concluded.