About Me

My clients say they enjoy the connection they have to their loved one through me because I often have a unique way of bringing through that soul’s energy. I really honour their personality, whether it’s a way of talking, quirks or mannerisms – anything that really helps the client know that yes, this is my loved one sitting here speaking to me. Sometimes I get the comment, “I know that’s … (loved one’s name). That’s exactly how s/he spoke.”

Although I’m grateful to be happily married to my best friend and blessed with two beautiful children, I know what it’s like to lose the people you love and I’ve suffered life’s traumas. These experiences have helped give me empathy, sympathy and a true understanding of people’s pain. I’m very caring and generous with my clients, giving everything I have.

Here’s my personal story:

From the age of 12, when I lost my beloved mother, I needed to know if there was more to life beyond physical death. I wanted to try and communicate with her after she passed on, which was the beginning of my rewarding spiritual journey. Then in my early 20s I read my first spiritual book, Crossing Over by John Edward, and learnt that my Nan (Dad’s mum) used to read tea leaves for her friends during WWI. Nan passed when I was just eight years old, but even though I didn’t get to know her well in this life, she is now one of my helpers on the other side, as are my mum and dad.

My son was born in 1999 to my first husband, and when he was almost two, I became pregnant again. Unfortunately, my baby daughter was born at just 21 weeks gestation and her heart was not developing properly. The hardest thing I’ve had to do was to give birth to her knowing that something was really wrong. I even wondered – am I being punished? I prayed to my mum and that’s when I saw my first vision in my third eye. There was my mum clear as day, smiling and speaking telepathically to me, saying, “It will be alright.” Her best friend, Betty, was also there with her in spirit.

A nurse came to settle me for the night and I asked her, “Do you believe in angels?” Her reply was, “Yes, of course!” I told her how I ‘saw’ my mum and Betty who were coming to take my baby for me and that they were going to look after her for me. And indeed, my darling baby girl, Bianca, went home to spirit on the 10th of April, 2001.

A few months later my marriage fell apart and I left to start a new life, one where I could fully embrace my spiritual gifts. I married the love of my life in 2004 and gave birth to another daughter in 2005. I started attending regular meditation classes when she was four and it was then that I realised I could pass on messages from loved ones passed over. I attended almost every week for a couple of years before I had the courage to start passing on messages to friends.

I quickly realised my abilities were getting stronger and stronger, so I made the decision to start doing paid readings in July of 2013. I then took the next leap of faith and started my Facebook page in September 2013 – it was Friday the 13th! I’m not superstitious but I found it rather funny that I chose that date!
I was worried what people I knew might say about what I was doing but the love and support was incredible! I was overwhelmed with pride. I then found the courage to start doing my Messages From Heaven events for a room full of people, and have been doing them regularly ever since with great success.

I’m honoured to have been asked to join the team of Dinner with Spirit working for the lovely Louise Corran of Packaged Events, after a colleague saw me work at an event in Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to working Australia-wide and eventually overseas!


Please go to Mediumship Readings to read more about what I offer clients and to learn more about mediumship and what you can expect from a reading.